-     Training and Quality Assurance testing of Ultrasound systems and transducers in General Radiology, Musculoskeletal, Cardiology, Emergency, Pediatrics, Radiotherapy and Surgical applications.

-     ACR compliance (Sono410™, 404,  403).

-     Verify system settings and depth of penetration for small to very  large  patients (Sono403).

-     Two scanning surfaces conform to most convex & linear arrays (Sono410).

-     Test axial, lateral & elevational resolution simultaneously (Sono408).

-     Test high frequency transducers to ensure highest image quality for difficult cases (Sono404).


-     Near-linear response of attenuation-to frequencies between  2 to 18 MHz, due to our HE Gel.

-     The only phantom with a curved scanning surface (Sono410).

Key Benefits:

-     Exceeds ACR, ECR, AIUM and other requirements (Sono410, 404, 403).

-     Select from any model based on your specific QA needs.

Full Contact™ scanning surface maximizes coupling for curved array transducer testing (Sono410).
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