BIONIX Radiation Therapy
Bionix Radiation Therapy Company - USA - Supply of materials and equipment used in radiation therapy: head positioning tables, neck, shoulders, body, legs, arms, versa cushion ...
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Sun Nuclear
Sun Nuclear was founded in 1984 by an expenenced team of radiation measurement scientists and engineers. Their objective was simple: to provide the community with a fresh approach to radiation measurement by Improving the measurement quakty while also streamlining the process. From the very beginning Sun Nuclear has provided the medical physics community with innovative and unique solutions that save valuable time and more importantly improve the integrity of the measurement Sun Nuclear provided the first modular patent dosimetry system. the first routine GA device with a standard PC trending database, the first film-less 2D array, and the first programmable patient-specific gating and target motion GA solution.
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Gangzhou Refu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer all kinds of thermoplastic mask for head, head-neck, shoulder, chest, abdomen, hip, pelvis, legs, arms in radiation therapy..
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Medway Technologies Co., Ltd
MedWay Technologies Co. Ltd. is a radiotherapy oriented company specializing in manufacturing radiotherapy anciliary products. We also distribut other brands with high quality standard in radiotherapy and radiology sectors. With our founders’long experience in radiotherapy area and thorough understanding of our customers’demand, we are committed to providing our customers with best product and service in terms of quality, price and fast response. All these will strengthen your treatment quality and competitiveness in your region.   Our ethics and hard working serve as guiding principles in every aspect of our lives, and it is our vision to bring these core values into medical organizations and create positive change. We promise to be your reliable partner for providing ”one stop“ procurement solutions to help you succeed through our combined insights, experience, knowledge, and advanced technologies
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The expertise and know-how achieved with over 30 years of experience make today CA-MI in the position to export to more than 90 countries and provide comprehensive answers to medical operators.
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