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Daily QA3
Daily linac monitoring and trending. Output, flatness, symmetry, energy.
SNC 600c
Photon and electron dosimetry. output stability checks for QA.
Doppler Flow Phantom
Mimic blood flow in human vessels and test system velocities. Verify ultrasound system and transducer performance.
Sono Family
Training and Quality Assurance testing of Ultrasound systems and transducers in General Radiology.
IVD2, rf-IVD 2
Dose verification during treatment...
IC Profiler
Unique curved ion chamber design maximizes signal and...
3D Scanner
Automated setup with lift table and leveling platform eliinates...
Edge Detector
Works with all common water phantoms..
SNC Machine
Efficient, flexible, and comprehensive solution for monthly image and mechanical QA...
Sun 125C
White color for crosshair and laser visibility..
Rotational Dosimetry Delivered
Laser alignment markings...
Only array designed for TomoTherapy Hi-Art...
PC Electrometer
USB powered - no batteries or power cord..
SNC 350p
Reference, field, and scanning dosimetry of electron beams.
Raising the Bar in IMRT QA
The world's first electronic array designed specifically for rotational dosimetry.
Independent, secondary 3D dose calculation. 3D analysis, including DVH, isodose display, clinical goals and 3D gamma comparison.
Stereotactic (SRS/SRT/SBRT) end-to-end testing.
Commission auto-treatment planning systems.Easier compliance with documentation and quality requirements.
Thermoplastic Fixation Mask
Thermoplastic Fixation Masks: Comfortable, non-sticking, Masks with smooth and strengthened Edges,...
Mammo Family
Monitors mammography systems used for biopsy & localization.
Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
Needle Insertion training for Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Procedures.
Ultrasound Breast Biopsy Training Tool
Use ultrasound to dynamically locate lesions and practice needle placement.
CT ACR 464 Phantom
Single phantom permits checking multiple parameters: Positioning and alignment accuracy, CT number accuracy, Slice thickness.
Computed Tomography Dose Index quality assurance.
1D Scanner
Output factors and dose calibrations. Annual and routine QA.

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